Rich Shaw

Despite the challenges we face, we must live a life with value and believe that regardless of the hurdle, something greater will indeed happen. We must not allow negativity to damper our lives. Instead, we must decide to act, transform the conditions of our lives, and live up to our fullest potential by changing our words and actions.

In this brightly written, concise page-turner, Richard E Sha helps you face the harsh realities of life with a positive and hopeful mindset…keep going even in the face of barriers, take hold of opportunities, and show commitment to what you want to achieve.

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The Cost to Win BOOk

Each of us is destined to discover our core greatness and the fulfillment of a purpose-driven life, whether it’s living life day to day, running a business, or operating an organization. Like the foundation of a house, the canvas of an artist’s masterpiece, or the conductor of an orchestra, a clear purpose is a bottom-line differentiator.
We must remain committed.

So that our goal setting is a clear roadmap to something bigger and better; however, to remain competitive in a fast-paced economy and a changing society, our purpose should be intentional and strategic. A purpose-driven strategy helps organizations overcome the day-to-day challenges of slow growth and declining profits.

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