Whom do we work with?
Rich Shaw is a certified and dedicated professional life coach who offers effective services for;

  • Men and women who feel stuck and unfulfilled, but are really not sure why
  • Men and women who are living for one particular or someday in the future …when (put-in-the-missing-link)
  • Men and women who are facing issues of separation, divorce, illness, or a particular challenge they are finding difficult to perform
  • Men and women who feel that their aim in life is something that is extremely far from what they are doing today
  • Mean and who feels and believe there has to be more…?

Benefits of taking our life coach services

  • Defining and ascertaining between where you are currently and where you intend to be based on:
    • Living from your originality
    • Your creative and adaptive expressions
    • Your relationships
    • Your social validation
    • Your freedom (lifestyle, time, money, decision-making)
  • Creating practical and concrete action to bring you into better and greater alignment on the above-mentioned dimensions and maximize your gap sense.

While Rich Shaw is a certified and experienced professional life coach, we are not a medical professional and do not for whatsoever reason offer any medical advice or dispense with any medication.

Why choose Rich Shaw Professional Coaching services?

Rich Shaw is a coaching service that is headed by Richard E. Shaw, a successful American entrepreneur, an acclaimed author, a life coach with more than a decade experience as a coaching executive and motivational speaker.
Our coaching services are tailored to maximize your potential. Rich Shaw personal coach has a well informed and sense of the challenges you are facing. This allows us to design customized training for you that effectively offshoots your personal or professional goals in the right ways.