How to remove the word ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ from your life.

How to remove the word ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ from your life.

“There are many things that seem impossible only so long as one does not attempt them.”

― André Gide, Autumn Leaves

How many times have you said the following things to yourself?

  • It’s impossible to get an A grade in this subject
  • It’s impossible for me to get this job
  • I know I can’t lose weight
  • It’s totally impossible to learn this new skill
  • I can’t do this

And these are just a few examples of when you feel defeated and say no to yourself without even trying properly. If you think a little, you will want to add many more to this list. Ever wonder what happens when you think or say something like this?

Next time when your mind pops up with something like these just know that you are building a barrier for yourself. The more you repeat them, the stronger they become. You can’t see these barriers because they are all in your mind. Their job is to hold you back from doing great things for yourself and others, hide opportunities, and make your world limited.

If you just realize that you have a bad habit of building these barriers daily, you should immediately shift your focus. With the right attitude and a strong belief, everything is POSSIBLE. Here is what you can do:

1. Stop using this negative word

The simplest thing you can do is to remove the word “impossible” from your vocabulary.

2. Understand why words matter

Language holds a unique power. What people think and say affects their view of the world. Negative and aggressive words can influence how stress-regulating chemicals work in our bodies, making it difficult for us to focus and behave logically. While speaking your heart out and a little emotional venting is healthy, people who constantly do this have higher stress levels and health issues.

The reason is that negative words self-perpetuate and if you allow them, they will create an unstoppable cycle. When you say, “I can’t figure it out,” or “establishing this business is impossible,” you’ve already given up on finding a way. Negative words actually prevent us from initiating the search for solutions.


3. Start small (always)

This is a very practical example and will help you in all walks of life. Try to create small and simple goals for yourself that you think require an effort but are not impossible. When you accomplish them, your confidence will get a boost and you start to trust yourself with bigger and more complicated things in life. The lesson: if you can’t get the easiest tasks right, you can’t handle daunting tasks successfully.

4. Learn to visualize

Do you know a visionary leader? And any of their defining characteristic? The thing that makes them visionary is their ability to visualize success. They can see the potential, how the world should exist, and make efforts to get there. You can do this too.

Visualize yourself achieving something you believe is impossible. Repeat this thought multiple times in a day. As you do this, you automatically begin to believe in possibilities. It is a great mental exercise to shift mindset and eliminate the unseen barriers. People who develop this habit are open to new opportunities, happiness, and a better life.

“I begin by imagining the impossible and end by accomplishing the impossible.”

― Sri Chinmoy, 

5. It’s all about YOU

Train your mind to avoid the terms “can’t” and “impossible,” no matter what happens. Imagine if a student in your family repeatedly says to you “I can’t solve this math problem” without even trying and taking your help. Obviously, it will frustrate you because you know that he and all kids of his age are capable of doing it. Using defeatist language inhibits people from reaching their truest potential and dismisses the exploration of what is possible.

6. Get some inspiration

Sometimes all we need is a little push and motivation to do something. Read the success stories of common people (cancer survivors, gym freaks, entrepreneurs, etc.) who beat through the odds just because they believe “it is possible”. Watch TED talks, read more books, and join social media empowering groups.

– Rich

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