Career Coaching

Whom does it fit? Our Career Coaching practices are designed for women and men who are;

  • Job changers
  • Job re-entrants
  • C-suit executives
  • Mid-level executives
  • Executives who plan to become an entrepreneur
  • Executives or entrepreneurs who plan to work through various career blocks, enhance leadership capabilities and speed up their promotion
  • Fresh/new entrants into the workforce
  • Senior managers and CEOs who desire a private and reliable advisor to explore issues in a safe and conducive space
  • Board members who want to develop and professionalized their leadership
  • Professional volunteers who desire to return to paid employment
  • People experiencing diversity issues at work
  • Any individual or organization who feels blocked or unfulfilled in their respective career progression

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Our Career Coaching Services?

At Rich Shaw, we offer the following career coaching services:

  • Creating and implementing a vision for a possible career to pursue
  • Developing an informational and consistent interviewing strategy to assess fit and learn more
  • Creating high-quality professional or personal brand, online and in person
  • Creating your pitch (print and online resume, persuasive and unique answer to FAQs, LinkedIn and SEO, elevator speech
  • Maximizing and amplifying your zone of brilliance
  • Creating your forward career plan
  • Incorporating and balancing your professional and personal effectiveness
  • And more career issues that you need support for