About us

Rich Shaw is a life coaching service owned and managed by Richard E. Shaw, a motivational speaker, an acclaimed author, and scholar in modern innovations and a keen eye out for hybrid ideas. Richard Shaw offers years of professional career and leadership coaching to entrepreneurs, executives, and clients seeking to become their personal and professional goals. Richard is also a life coach and usually provides productive and result-oriented advises to his career and leadership coaching clients on work/life balance and related issues.

What Makes Rich Shaw Unique?

Richard’s experience in motivational speaking and coaching specialty is assisting high-performing clients in accelerating their progress by gaining alignment and clarity with their talents, focusing and consolidating on what is meaningful to them. Richard has work with men and women who feels stuck in life or at work and help them create momentum to achieve the work of their dream and enjoy their personal life. At Rich Shaw, our coaching services thrive on resilience, connection and perspective–focusing on client’s abilities and capabilities and helping people by building on those factors to achieve their short and long term personal and professional goals. Richard Shaw also brings his entrepreneurial experience to offer business consulting services to entrepreneurs and investors who are visioning, launching, or striving to scale their businesses for maximum and profitable growth.

Exceptional Years of Renowned Professionalism

Rich Shaw’s coaching services and public speaking performance thrives on Richard Shaw’s excellent educational experience. Distinguished with bachelors, associate’s and master’s degrees; Richard is regarded by many as one of the greatest inventors to grace the history books of the United States. He has been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame and US Hall of Elite Inventors with 12 United States patents to his name. With a BS in English and extensive training in coaching activities, Richard Shaw is a motivational speaker who makes multiple appearances a year and will speak to a small and large audience. Rich Shaw also offers to customize speech and workshops/retreats for companies/organizations. Shaw has been featured in numerous local and national magazines such as Forbes and Business Week and has received several awards for performance excellence in innovation, motivational speaking, designing, and in coaching.

What We Are Offering You

At Rich Shaw coaching services, we offer our highly esteemed clients and prospects the opportunity to become:

  • An awakened entrepreneur: to help move you from autopilot to your authentic vision. Rich Shaw’s expertise and experience will help you reconnect to the passions that define your dreams.
  • A high-performer seeking to perform even higher: enabling you to develop productive habits through in-depth coaching and teachings that will launch you to the next level.
  • A business owner with a continuously growing portfolio: enabling you to break out of your version of life’s treadmill to grow your business while improving spiritually, physically, professionally, financially, relationally, and emotionally at the same time.
  • An opportunity seeker with the right tools for possible growth: we will help you define, identify, and access resources, tools, processes, and develop accountability for performing at sustainably high and feasible levels.

Marquis Who’s Who Honors Richard E. Shaw with Inclusion in Who’s Who in the World/ Richard E. Shaw

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Richard Shaw is a speaker, an author, a designer, a workshop trainer, a coach, a publisher, an entrepreneur, a writer, a father, a husband, and a fervent people enthusiast.
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